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Zhengzhou Yuguang Clad Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. was established in 1992,being one of the national well-known large-scale of the explosion welding clad metal materials. Since the company started its undestaling, Yuguang has adhered to regard the technological innovation and customers’ demands as center, and driven the enterprise to develop constantly and healthily with the firenew innovative ideas, it has already delevoped from the the small workshops into a manufacturing enterprise with 30,000m2 workshop and the large processing equipments including 1500tons pressure machine, 9 roller levelling machine, 14 metres heat treatment furnace, etc. In 2003, the electrical transition joints aluminum/steel has ranked first in the country and taken on 80% in the domestic market. In 2004, the company seised the opportunity to adjust the strategic structure and launched the stainless steel/steel clad plate. The new management concept, strong research&developme and, thoughtful customer service make Yuguang stride into the advanced ranks in this field.
In the field of explosion welding, Yuguang has many products to obtain the patents, among that, copper/aluminum conducting bar, stainless steel/aluminum/aluminum,etc are exclusive in the industry. Yuguang is committed to the development of national applied science and technical science, and shouldering the continuous innvovation of the new materials. The developped products include Aluminum/Steel, Stainless Steel/Steel, Titanium/Steel, Aluminum/Titanium/Steel, Copper/Aluminum, Stainless Steel/Aluminum, Nickel/Steel, Zirconium/Steel,etc, the products are widely used in Electrolytic Aluminum, Petroleum, Chemistry, Salt-making, Seawater Desalination, Water Conservancy, Ship, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Spaceflight, Enviromental Protection, etc, being best-selling in more than 20 provinces as well as in many countries and regions of Europe, American and Asia. The products are especially applied for the national key projects, such as Three Gorges, South-to-North Water Diversion Project. In the field of the clad metal materials, Yuguang is becoming the technology innovator and leader.
Pursuing excellence and striving for perfection in the construction of total quality control system,in product realization process, our company strictly executes the national standards, industry standards and American Stanard(ASME, ASTM) and Japan Standard (JIS), and smoothly passes the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and the security registration of explosion welding metal clad plate with Pressure Vessel. The company takes the lead to pass the technical appraisal of 13MnNiMoR materials in the clad metal materials, and the formulated enterprise standard (Q/YG 002-2012) has also been put on file by the China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
Yuguang is committed to become a leading enterprise in area of the explosion welding clad metal materials. Yuguang people timely proceed with technical innovation and strategic adjustments through their unique way of thinking and hard-working spirit, to respond to market changes and development, and step by step implement famous brand strategy, product intensive processing strategy and internationalization strategy, with the management pattern also gradually transforming from 5S management pattern to diversified management pattern like 8S and six sigma.
Yuguang has perfect customer service syste, the company is located in the domestic transport hub - Luoyang, efficient and convenient logistics system ensuring the normal production of the company, and thus also providing a strong guarantee for the production and use of user community. In addition, the company also provides customers with door to service of good quality, Yuguang has a complete sales network in the core cities of such regions as North China, South China, East China, West China and Central China, which can not only meet the company's product marketing, and also provide customers with the convenient purchasing and service channels.
"Innovation& development, quality first, thoughtful and efficient, customer first" is always the eternal pursuit of Yuguang people!