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Zhengzhou Yuguang devotes itself to the development of national applied science and technical science, shouldering the mission of unceasing innovation of national new materials. Developed products: aluminum/ steel, stainless steel/ steel, titanium / steel, the aluminum/ titanium/ steel, copper/ steel, copper/ aluminum, stainless steel/ copper, stainless steel/ aluminum, nickel/ steel and zirconium/ steel etc. The products are widely used in the electrolytic aluminum, petroleum, chemicals, salt-making, seawater desalination, water conservation and hydropower, ships, pharmacy, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace, environmental protection and many other industries, sold the whole country' more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as partial countries and regions in Europe, American and Asia. Metallic composite manufactured by Zhengzhou Yuguang have been involved in the construction of national key projects several times. Successful cases include: 1. Xiluodu Hydropower Station 022Cr22Ni5Mo3N+Q345R (4+58). 2. CNOOC Korea Bay Project S31603 +13 MnNiMoR (3 +82) (3 +92). 3. South-North Water Transfer Hydraulic Engineering OOCr22Ni5Mo3N + Q235B (3 +10) (+16) (+20). 4. Sinopec Engineering Incorporation S32168+14Cr1MoR (3+48). 5. Shenhua Group Coal Liquefaction Oil System Project S30403 + Q245R (6 + 22).

  • South-to-North Water Diversion
    South-to-North Water Diversion
  • Xiluodu Hydropower Station
    Xiluodu Hydropower Station
  • Xiluodu Hydropower Station
    Xiluodu Hydropower Station
  • Seawater Desalination
    Seawater Desalination
  • Petrochemical Industry
    Petrochemical Industry
  • CNOOC Korea Bay Project
    CNOOC Korea Bay Project
  • Electrolytic Aluminum Smelter
    Electrolytic Aluminum Smelter
  • Zinc Smelter
    Zinc Smelter