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1. Core Values


Each Yuguang people throughout takes "creating first-class standard of the industry, building leading company of the industry" as the goal, which is even rooted in our deepest beliefs, is the internal motivation driving Yuguang to walk today, and is our future-oriented common commitment. Lightup "the light of the universe" with each person's heat and light.


Guided by the market, make research and development based on market, and completely raise the capacity of R & D and production. Only beyond the market standard can we lead the market; only constantly innovating technology can we find the new business goal.


Manage meticulously from every aspect of production; demand meticulously on the quality of each product; understand the real needs of customers with refinement from every service.


When Yuguang continues to achieve success, we are considering how to improve the customer market competitiveness; focus on challenges and pressures concerned by our customers and provide a reference for technical innovation, so as to produce quality products for our customers; continually create maximum value for our customers and ultimately bring success to the customer and Yuguang.

2. Management Philosophy of Yuguang

Set up management through "moral":"industrious and thrifty, simple and healthy, courageous and righteous, think of danger in peace, start well and end well." Has been the understanding of the Yuguang people to "moral", which is also the standard of conduct in the work of each Yuguang people at the same time.

Promote management through "performance": introduce scientific and advanced performance appraisal, always enabling the employees to understand their own work status and job objective.

Harmonize management through "feeling": Yuguang has throughout been insisting on the supervisor mode of "people-oriented" since its development, enhancing employees' happiness and inspiring their work enthusiasm to the maximum extent.

3. Talent Concept of Yuguang

Recruit talent with moral, employ talent with capability, foster talent with needs, and keep talent with faith. Train the employees with ideological concept of "Yuguang develops depending on me and I grow relying on Yuguang" in work; regularly organize training to improve the professionalization literacy of the staff, which is the inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development of Yuguang.

4. Quality Concept of Yuguang

Actively listen to our customers' needs, and take the enhancement of customer competitiveness as the purpose of technological innovation; create industry standards, carefully construct product quality; constantly bear in mind that providing customers with satisfactory service is the only reason for our existence. What' more, We hope to meet customers' needs through the establishment of scientific R&D and innovation system and management mechanism, and form lasting impetus for development.

5. Market Concept of Yuguang

The requirements of customers has always been the only reason for our existence, throughout adhering to market-oriented, customer-centric, with keen insight and in-depth excavation of the substantial and potential demand of customers, so as to realize the initiative adaption to customer needs with effective guide. Provide optimal support for customers with Yuguang quality, and bring success for the customers and Yuguang.