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Enable each person to develop his talents to the utmost and talents to be used to the utmost
Zhengzhou Yuguang, in accordance with enterprise management philosophy of people oriented, insists on agglomerating talents with broad prospects for development and impelling talents with good career goal. Through establishing scientific and effective talent mechanism, build positive and good growth environment for talents and devote itself to provide a stage for every employee to fully display talent; and through constantly creating individual development opportunity, make various talents have the opportunity and platform to achieve success and realize self value.


In staffing, Yuguang insists on respecting talents and the philosophy of creation, not over-emphasizing degree but emphasizing ability, not only over-emphasizing diploma but emphasizing level, employing depending on performance, ability and potentiality. Through establishing fair competitive system and good culture environment, fully mobilize enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee and make employees enjoy their post and take all efforts, achieving the precinct of person do things suitable for himself; things are suitable for the person who do them; enable each person to develop his talents to the utmost; enable talents to be used to the utmost.