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First, the system of general manager responsibility is applied. The general manager is responsible for drawing and supervising the quality testing methods and the testing results for various departments and various production processes.
Second, every production sector appoints someone to take the responsibility for the production quality of each step.
Third, the material purchase is charged by the appointed man. The company rules that the production materials purchased by no mater anyone must be produced in the regular factory in the state. When the materials are purchased, material quality list and other material description must be provided by the opposite party.
Fourth, preparation of the materials: before carrying out the process of explosion, proceed strictly in accordance with the procedures which the company made, to the degree of fine, flat and shine.
Fifth, when the process of explosion proceeds, all the technical parameters must be made and performed by the technician himself/herself.
Sixth, during the post process, proceed strictly as the requirements of size, smoothness, and other conditions that the customer desires, and strictly control the deviation to be within the range of the customer's requirements.
Seventh, the company requires to carry out the mechanical structure performance test on every batch of the products, and the test results should be submit to the company for filing. Carry out the ultrasonic test on every product. The unqualified product, if any, shall be abandoned.
Eighth, if anyone neglected the quality system and caused the problems of product quality, he/she would be punished seriously by the company, for which his/her competent department would take relating responsibility.
Ninth, before the product is released from the factory, the company will carry out the last sampling test. If one of the products were found unqualified, the whole batch product should be scrapped.
Tenth, if users find the problem of the product quality of the company, the company will in a timely manner come to the user for inspection, replace the product and pay the compensations.
We control strictly the quality to ensure the products of high quality.

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